Christmas Aftermath

I thought I'd take a moment from the holiday festivities to jot a quick post to tell you all about our Christmas this year. We're spending it in a new place. Perhaps you've not noticed, but we recently moved from the Republic of Texas all the way up to Oregon.

The Mrs., being Canadian and all was hoping for a white Christmas this year. She always wants a white Christmas, but in Texas the chances of that happening were slim to none. Christmas weather in Texas normally meant barbecuing in T-shirts more often than snow.

It kind of looked like everything was going to cooperate this year to give her a white Christmas. This picture was taken only a few days ago, but all of that white has since retreated to the high elevations, much to her dismay.

The boys are pretty much oblivious to the move. For them Christmas is Christmas no matter where you are. As usual, they made out like bandits again. Above you see the favored toys of the moment, LEGOs and transformers.

As for me, how did I make out? well I think I did pretty well. I got a number cool items, but what's my favorite one you ask. Well let's put it this way... Nothing says "Let there be peace on Earth and good will toward men... Or else!" better than a nice, fully loaded tactical vest! (frequent readers can expect a full detailed review in a while.)

I hope Christmas was good to you and your family this year. Here's to wishing all of you a very happy New Years!

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