A Contrast in Parenting

Well, it would appear that the Thomas Nelson Inc., a Christian publisher has decided to shelve Lynne Spears' book on parenting. Lindsey Noble, spokesperson for the publisher refused to acknowledge whether the decision was based upon the recent revelation that 16 year old Jamie Lynne Spears, sister of Britney Spears and Nickelodeon TV star was pregnant.

Look, Mrs. Spears, what exactly makes you think that you can speak with any authority on the subject of parenting? You've raised two absolute train wrecks that have done nothing but provide a pivotal role model for the bimbofication of teen aged girls everywhere. On another note, who at that publishing company ever thought this was a good project? I wonder if that person is sitting at the unemployment office right about now.

When asked how she got pregnant, actress Jamie Lynne Spears replied "I kept a tellin' uncle Bubba to git off'n me 'cause he was a squishin' mah cigarettes but he wouldn't." Ok, so perhaps that isn't an exact quote, but I'm sure she said something just as classy.

Now lets contrast Lynne Spears with Frederick Dominguez.

Last Sunday after church Mr. Dominguez and his three children drove into the northern California wilderness to pick a Christmas tree. The family became disoriented while trying to pick just the right one and could not find their way back to their vehicle. Dominguez and his family managed to find a culvert to shelter in as a winter storm descended on the area. The family was found and rescued just as another storm threatened to bury them under an even deeper blanket of snow.

Mr. Dominguez is quoted as telling his 18 year old son, "Son, I would tell you what I bought you for Christmas if I thought we weren't going to make it".

The contrast between Mr. Dominguez and Mrs. Spears is stark.

One parent has tried to profit off of her children any way she could and in the end has done nothing but contribute a pair of dilapidated emotional derelicts to the moral dross that is pop culture.

The other parent was spending quality time with his children and when calamity arose, Mr. Dominguez used his head and provided a strong example of leadership for his children. His children I'm sure will be stronger people for their experience and due to the involvement of this parent in their lives.

Kudos Mr. Dominguez.

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