Davey Crockett Lives On

A 5 year old Arkansas boy, Tre Merritt recently netted a 445 Lb. black bear while out hunting with his grandfather. This is quite a feat of marksmanship for such a young man. Beyond that a 445 Lb. Black bear is quite a trophy animal regardless of the hunter's age. It turns out that this youngster is the great great ... grand son of Davey Crockett.

Well the ignorance of liberals is on full display for all to see just like it was in the case of the young pig hunter that I posted about some time ago.

"When your 5 years old and you sit up in a tree with your "Paw Paw" waiting on some unexpecting animal so you can blow its brains out: You now your a redneck.They probably celebrated by teaching him how to drink shine out of a jug and then make a corn cob pipe.I can hear the banjo's playin'now!"

"I hope his white trash, loser father/grandfather are really proud of themselves. What a great thing to teach a kid! Climb up into a hunting stand, and kill whatever poor animal happens to wander by you. I hope Karma kicks in, and these morons find themselves face to face with bear, with no gun in their hands, one day soon. And, kudos to the media for glorifying killing innocent animals for fun! I'm sure little Billy Bob Ray will have lots of fun with his new bearskin rug! Does it scare anyone besides me that a 5 year old can kill with no guilt at all? Scares me for the future."

"Has Arkansas not evolved at all? To show this as a accomplishment is amazing. I will not watch a station that airs this as a personal interest story. WHERE IS THE GAME AND FISH COMMISSION? THIS KID NEEDS TO BE JAILED!"
You can click the title of this post if you feel like reading the rest of the moronic posts from these tools.

Look morons. Your forefathers hunted to feed their families. Many these days in rural locations still hunt to feed their families.

Sure, you believe that mankind has evolved beyond a need to hunt. That fits right in with your belief that mankind has evolved into some finer being in so many other ways. Let me tell you this though... Evolution does not occur on the timescale of human history. Being the supposed educated elite, you should know that. You have mistaken a transient time of plenty for a permanent situation. Even so, the "finer", latte slurping, metrosexual, effete, hybrid driving pansy that you are trying to turn everyone into is useless in any environment. Beyond that your beliefs regarding this supposed evolution are just that... beliefs. As such, they are grounded in just as much science as anyone else's religious beliefs... you know the ones you guys discount out of hand.

Hunting is a vital survival skill that some of us teach our children. Those who do believe that it is better for our children to be able to survive not only in times of plenty but also during those inevitable times of famine that you mistakenly believe to be a permanent thing of the past. I sure hope you do not expect my children to set a place at their tables for your ill-prepared whelps when that famine eventually does come.

What am I talking about... These people are free-loading liberals. Of course they'll expect to feast at my children's table.

What? You do not believe that an impending famine awaits? What do you think will happen to food production if your pet global warming scenario happens to come true? Me and mine, we can swim can you?

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