Liberal Plants at CNN's Republican Debates?

Perhaps some of you may be living under a rock and not know that a large percentage of the questioners at the recent CNN Republican YouTube debates were actually planted democrat operatives. Most notable of which was an openly gay retired general and Clinton campaign operative asking about gays serving in the military.

Just how stupid does CNN think the American voter is? During the democrat debates the only questions that were fielded by the candidates were softball questions. The Republican debates on the other hand the candidates are fed a constant diet of hostile planted questions. The subliminal message that they are trying to plant in the voters' minds is that the public is hostile to the Republicans.
We're not that stupid... Just how long did you think it would be until these plants were discovered and revealed for what they were?
Our candidates do not fear answering your planted hardball questions. The real question is this, why are your liberal candidates afraid of answering the hard questions? Why are the Republicans brave enough to visit the hostile liberal bastion that is CNN to hold a debate, but your pansy-assed democrats are afraid to attend a debate at Fox? How are your candidates going to handle Iran or North Korea if they can't handle a hostile question and answer session on a supposedly conservative biased news network?
Utterly confidence inspiring... NOT!

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