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In other news that you are unlikely to find on the front page of your average large liberal leaning newspapers or as a featured story on your run-of-the-mill Communist News Network "news" broadcast...

The feds have broken up a plot to attack a military base in Arizona. Why won't you see this as a lead story in the mainstream media? Because the attackers and their weapons (explosives, biological agents and missiles) were being smuggled into the US across the Mexican border. Extremists from Iraq and Afghanistan forged a deal with drug lords to smuggle the assault force into the US across our porous southern border.

Several operatives are known to have already made the trip into the US and are now residing in safe houses in southern Texas. Federal agents are working now to apprehend these individuals.

The military base, Fort Huachuca had been warned of the plot in advance and had hardened security. Fort Huachuca is used to train Army intelligence operatives to collect intelligence from Middle Eastern battlefields. It is believed that the efficiency of these military intelligence officers was the impetus for this planned attack.

This is just another compelling reason to close the southern border. Not only are criminals of all sorts streaming across the border and violent gangs like MS13, but now also islamic radicals. Close the border now. It is time for the government to enforce existing laws and stem the flow of riffraff into our nation! They are constitutionally charged with the responsibility to protect us and they are failing at that responsibility.

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