A Little Science to Disperse the Levity

Are you aware that currently there is an object in the solar system larger than the sun... and no it isn't the Algore's Tennessee mansion (although it does come close). The comet Holmes ' coma has now officially been measured and determined to be larger than the diameter of the sun. This little comet has been full of surprises. First it suddenly ramps up its brightness one-million fold overnight, then its coma bloats to these herculean proportions. The image below compares the size of Holmes' coma, the Sun and Saturn (the little blob in the lower right corner).

Now, I know the sudden appearance of such vexing object in the sky may be troubling to you Ron Paul supporters out there, but you can trust me there is no space ship hiding in the tail of this comet that'll whisk you away to paradise... So back away from the rat poison laced KoolAid otherwise the evil Zionists will win this upcoming election...

I mean give me a break if Ron Paul isn't Applewhite reincarnated, then that similarity in appearance has to at the very least be due to some familial relationship.

For everyone else, if you wish to find this thing in the sky to take a look, check out this sky chart courtesy of Space.Com:

I spent a little time out looking at it the other night. If I can get a nice patch of clear sky I may make a point to drag one of the scopes out and snap this guy's picture.

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