Enough Already!

Congress has passed another gun control law. Big surprise there huh? This one is the one that was inspired by the Virgina Tech. massacre. It makes it far easier for people to be placed on the NICS.

The democrats of course are falling all over themselves and heralding this as a piece of legislation that will make everyone safer.

Maggot riddled bovine feces!

Of course we all know that it's been proven that no gun control law has ever had a marked effect on crime rates. We also know that as Jeanne Assam has proven, more guns is the remedy for these events, not fewer. We also know that if you prevent criminals from accessing guns, they'll simply turn to other weapons.

All of this has been proven time and time again but it appears that congress has the mental faculties of a gnat (and that's an insult to gnats everywhere). Instead of tackling legislation that will actually do something of value (like fixing the alternative minimum tax mess), Congress has instead elected to continue its assault on our second amendment rights and added another bill in a ceaseless chain of useless do-little legislation.

Now, check out this quote from the linked article:
"Propelling the bill were the Virginia Tech shootings on April 16 and rare agreement between political foes, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence and the National Rifle Association"
Another troubling part of this whole mess is the fact that the NRA was complicit in foisting this putrid mess upon us. The National Rifle Association will NEVER get another cent of my money. They have been fighting a withdrawal for far too long. I gave them money to defend my second amendment rights not to bargain away bits and pieces. Use our money to reverse the trend, not advance it you twits! shouldn't you be out supporting the lawyers who will be fighting DC vs Heller instead of making back-room sweetheart deals with the Brady gang?

Look, I do not believe that we should run around giving crazies firearms, but I think that crazies will get weapons any how. They are not going to care if it is illegal for them to have a gun in their possession. I mean they are going to murder innocent people and then in most cases eat the muzzle of their gun. Somehow I doubt someone intent on suicide fears a prosecution that will never occur because they will be dead. Put a corpse in jail, somehow I don't think it'll bother them much. The place to stop crazies from killing isn't at the gun store. It's on the psychiatrist's couch. If a person is that great of a danger, then they should be institutionalized and not allowed to roam around freely among us to plot and execute their acts of violence. This bill is a waste of time and my tax money.

This is just a ship load of funding to build an ever increasing list of people who will be denied their second amendment rights. It violates HIPAA by opening medical records up to scrutiny by third parties and lastly it grows an even larger government.

I call on president Bush to veto this wasteful abusive atrocity.


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