The Afghan Election

I've been checking through this as the evening has worn on. From the linked article here are some telling quotes:

"I am very excited. I am old, but this vote is not just for me, it is for my grandchildren. We all want peace," said Nuzko, 58, a widow dressed in a burqa, as she waited in line at a polling station in Kabul.

"I cannot explain my feelings, just how happy I am," said Moqadasa Sidiqi, a science student whose family fled Kabul in 1992 during civil war. "I would never have thought I would be able to vote in this election."

"I came here to vote so we can have democracy and stability and peace in Afghanistan," said Aziz Ullah, a 19-year-old Kabul shopkeeper. "There used to only be a transfer of power by force or killing. Today, the Afghan people are choosing their future leaders themselves."

"I walked from my house with my husband to vote for Karzai, who is a very good person," said Mahtab, a 45-year-old Kabul housewife.

One I particularly liked:

"In 25 years, a lot of rockets have landed. If another one lands because of the election, it's no problem," said Noor Uddin, a 49-year-old Kabul businessman, on Friday

Blogger Andrew said...

I'm glad to see that democracy is going to work in Afghanistan. Thanks for the post on my blog, by the way.

3:29 PM  
Blogger gecko said...

This is great news for the world. I suspect you have the same views about the UN that I have. Did you see them scrambling to provide different (non-washable) ink when there were accusations of use of washable ink and voter fraud? You would think if they were there to guarentee the elections then they would have checked the ink beforehand. UN = useless. And to think some Dems want them here to guarentee our elections!

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the vote was fucked just like evrything else the shrub does

3:48 AM  


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