Spirit & Opportunity Alive and Well

It would appear that the two hearty little rovers wandering around on the surface of Mars are still alive and well! In fact, the NASA controllers are looking at trying to guide Opportunity out of the deep crater that it's been investigating for over four months. We've gotten a lot of use out of these two little robots. I think this is definitely one mission NASA can mark up as a roaring success!
Blogger gecko said...

WHat are your views on spending so much on the space program? I can guess by your enthusiasm that it's well worth the cost.

5:22 PM  
Blogger The G-man said...

I believe that the space program should be privatized, and that is exactly what is now occurring. We've gotten about as far as we're going to go with the government running the show. I do believe however that it is absolutely essential that we get off this rock. There is a finite amount of resources available here. That being protracted, we have only two options. Either we kill off large swaths of the planet's population or (and more realistically) we get off this rock and expand our horizons and resource pool.

3:41 AM  


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