I've Been Slacking Off Lately

First allow me to appologize for not posting in some time. Unfortunately other things have been demanding my attention. I figured I would post an "articles I find interesting" post to catch up.

First off, there's this article. This is new findings from the Topper site in North Carolina. Radio carbon dating, places the age of the site at 50,000 years old! This is a tie in and follow up to my post titled "American Colonization". Clovis-first adherents are of course yipping that the data needs to be verified.

Moving right along...

The next article relates that the Marine Corps has reopened the investigation into the disappearance of Cpl. Wassef Hassoun. Perhaps you remember him. He was the marine that was kidnapped, and then killed, and then not killed, and then released, and then not released, and then eventually wound up with family in Lebanon.


Here is a slide show. Navigate to the second picture to see vials of sarin nerve agent (you know, a WMD) that were found in Falluja. Since we all know there were no WMD's in Iraq, these must be a figment of our imagination!

Back to science now...

This article tells of scientists releasing information about the fossils of a new species of human ancestor, named "Pierolapithecus catalaunicus".

Then this article says the pursuit of al-Quaeda has been wildly successful. It would appear that al-Quaeda leaders are having trouble coordinating attacks while running for their lives!

To round it all off, there's this article about the latest happenings in Iraq. It would appear that Prime Minister Allawi is cracking down on clerics preaching hatred and violence in the mosques. Iraqi and US forces today raided a mosque in Baghdad. It's about time.

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