UN still under fire...

This above linked article details the efforts the UN is making to deflect the criticism that has been levied of late in its direction. As far as I'm concerned, no amount of "oops my bad" is going to cut it. If liberals were half as critical of this body as they are of the Bush administration, they'd have to admit the same, but that would require the suspension of partisanship, which is a course far too reasonable for their incendiary ilk.

The article also mentions threats made by Republican lawmakers to withhold UN funding. Personally, I believe that a sensible thing to do. There is such a thing a throwing good money after bad. If the UN is not serving our interests and delivering on their promises, there are far more fruitful investments that could be made with that money. Why is it our job to be the UN's chief financial provider? Call your congressmen and demand that they support this measure, at least until accountability and impartiality can be returned to the UN. The start of that process is the removal of Kofi Annan from office.

Did you know that the UN is still demanding payments from Iraq to support the weapons inspectors? How long has it been since they declared their search to be over? Why then are the Iraqis still forced to pay for that debacle?


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