Again Common Sense falls by the Way-side

Here are two articles upon which I'm basing this rant (1 & 2).

Both propositions are nuts. That's my take on it all.

Regarding the first article, yes children do fail. In fact, adults fail too. Hell, I've failed a bunch of times. Failure in and of itself isn't a bad thing as long as you learn from the experience. Trying to insulate children from failure insulates them from opportunities to learn and grow. That's how we got all of these childish liberals in this country to begin with. They're all people who've never grown up to become mature contributing members of society. They remain spoiled little brats despite their age.

On the second article; get a fucking life! If you don't want your kids to see some computer animated doinking, then don't buy the fucking game and don't allow your children to own it. It is your responsibility as a parent to guide your children on their path to adulthood. Trying to choose that path for others is just as wrong as them trying to choose the path for your child.

The liberal mind is an astounding thing to look at. Their party has accepted the radical left's views as their party's mainstream dogma. In fact they strive to shift the center mass of their party even further left. How could anyone be so abysmally stupid?

In other news, be afraid! Be very afraid! This guy really sucks! He's already threatened to veto any bill that attempts to return any portion of the state tax surplus back to the tax payers! And this in a state that normally ranks very close to the bottom in the median income ratings. He obviously hasn't learned anything from recent events. President Bush pressed through unprecedented tax cuts to a chorus of dim-wit-o-crats singing "you can't cut taxes and increase tax revenues". What have we learned? Yes indeed you can cut taxes and increase tax revenues. It's a natural reaction. when people have more money to spend, they do! That extra spending creates demand, which creates jobs and industry which in turn creates tax revenues. This guy if elected will be a standard "tax them to death" democrat that rides the economy into the toilet while he bullshits the little guy into thinking he's doing them a favor.

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