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The above linked article is a perfect example of how liberals run wars and why they can not be trusted EVER to do so again. Further it is just one indictment of the UN's efficacy.

Sure, our pet liberals will beat their chest and cry "exit strategy". They'll compare our troops to NAZI's and Gitmo to a gulag. They'll rant and rave about Bush being too stupid to run a war... But if you cave in and let them have their way, this is the result you'll get. When it gets right down to it, they simply haven't the mentality to succeed in these sort of endeavors. If you're looking for someone who can wisk through tax payer money like a case of dysentary... Then call on your liberals. If you have some pet project that provides inner city kids with tap dance lessons... These are the champions you seek. If you want someone to fund the fine art of deficating on stage... again, the liberals are the folks you need to talk to.

If however, you wish to succeed at war, they are the LAST people to turn to. They'll insist on talking until positions are over-run and all the killing's been done. They'll send troops into harm's way without proper equipment or back up (think Blackhawk down here). They'll spit on your warriors and call them baby killers and basically make one hell of a mess of things, but they won't win you a war.

I think it is important however to absolve the Dutch troops that were defending Srebenica of the largest portion of the responsibility. These guys were outmanned and outgunned. Their engagement orders were to fire only in self-defense. They'd called for air support on numerous occasions over several day's span only to have the air support nixxed by the French government. Despite the fact that these troops were under sustained bombardment and supposedly protecting a UN declared safe-zone. The French refused to supply them with air support to remove the artillery from the surrounding ridges. When the Serb forces swept into town and began collecting up their vicitims, the Dutch troops would have been convicted if they had fired on them because of their ignorant pacifist rules of engagement.

How can you ask troops to preserve the peace and give them none of the tools they need to do what you ask of them? That's just wrong!

I will admit that in the past I had placed some level of blame on the Dutch soldiers but as I've reconsidered this event over time, I've come to the realization that they too are vicitims here. I find the French refusal of air support appalling and the UN's emplacement of insane rules of engagement telling.

Honestly people... I defy anyone to tell me what of value, the UN has done for us lately!

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