Misc. Crap I Found Interesting in the News

The first one is a report covering Syria's withdrawal from Lebanon. Of course most can surmise my take on this one... This is good news and proof that the President's actions in the Middle East are indeed working. The important thing here is that the Lebanese people have the opportunity to live under a government that reflects their wishes, regardless what form that government takes. The only thing that is important is that their voice must never again be silenced. Free people are rarely found among the ranks of terrorists. By granting people their freedom you are starving the terrorist organizations of their reinforcements.

Moving right along. The next article deals with NASA's discovery of organic material in the atmosphere of Titan. This reaffirms a number of experiments where it was determined that organic molecules are readily formed in some of the least expected places. When comets and icy moons are exposed to the vacuum of space, radiation and extreme cold these molecules to form ubiquitously.

The third article deals with the reluctance of the rank and file French voter to give Chirac carte blanche approval of the EU constitution. Here's an interesting quote from that article...

"We have to be a united force in Europe to be able to form resistance to George W. Bush's United States,"
... Interesting mind-set, I didn't know that the US and Europe were at war... Well actually I did, but it certainly isn't a declared war (yet). The entire issue revolves around a French desire to reassert themselves as the dominators of the world, with Jacques Chirac playing the role of Napoleon. Fucking French pansy asses!

Last but not least. This article details how very close we actually came to nabbing al Zarqawi recently. We missed you this time you bag of camel dung, but soon your luck will run out. As far as I'm concerned, he should be granted the same justice that he's meted out. His head should be sawed off using a blunt knife. He should be denied anything resembling a decent Muslim burial and instead, be left to rot in a pig's wallow.

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