Spammer Sentenced! Halleluah!

Ok, it's about time that the law starts to keep pace with technology. Jeremy Jaynes was sentenced to 9 years in prison for pumping out over 10 million spam e-mails per day over 16 high speed lines in accordance with a new Virginia law. I mean why should I have to pay for the bandwidth to download 6000 offers for viagra, penis enlargement, Canadian pharmaceuticals and 10 offers from a couple of guys in third world countries to get rich if only I'd give them my bank account number so they can transfer 10 billion dollars through my account, while leaving behind a healthy commision for my trouble.

The courts stayed his sentence pending appeal as they felt there were some constitutional issues that needed to be investigated with this law. Frankly, let the fucker rot as far as I'm concerned.

Some months ago, the House passed a bill that would impose a 10 year sentence for those involved in the production and propagation of ad-ware. I wonder how that measure is faring in the Senate. Hopefully it too will sail through and we can start threatening those bastard with a little time being Bubba's bitch in the pen! The Congress need to create a national version of this law from Virginia as well. End the blight of spam and spyware now!

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