Media Bias

The linked article is interesting. In it, the media when protracting itself in retrospect, found that it was three times more likely to be biased against George Bush than they were of John Kerry during the past election. Now this may come as a big surprise to some. To us Republicans however it is no big surprise. This same group, claims that the news coming out of Iraq, however is not biased. Pardon my indignation, but I find that hard to believe. The words "if it bleeds is leads" comes to mind. They do not protract the fact that predominately, stories of violence are what are told. If one only tells about the bad things that occur, how can that not be labeled as biased coverage? If you read the careful wording of the article, that is exactly the razor thin edge they are trying to traverse. They are saying "While we didn't report much of the good things that are happening, for the most part we didn't inject too much negativity in our coverage of the bad things".


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