NASA declares extraterrestrial life found...

The implications, should this turn out to be true are huge and far reaching. Sure, we're not talking about ET or greys, but what we are talking about is the fact that life exists on Mars today.

The implications will reach into the area of religion as the religious are forced to relinquish the last sacred vestiges of their "Earth is the center of the universe" based beliefs.

Further these implications will ripple into the lap of scientists as they will need to adjust their narrow view of niches in which life might be found. Clearly life can no longer be relegated only to locations with dense atmospheres and liquid water.

Both of these groups may need to wrap their heads around a new reality... That reality being that perhaps, life is not a rare thing. If life has been found on Mars, surviving still to this day despite the hostile conditions that now exist there, then maybe, just maybe life may be ubiquitous throughout the universe. A given and not the exception to the rule. Perhaps the chemistry that occurs in the universe makes life inevitable. Scientists were already astounded to find that the chemical composition of comets contained many prebiotic compounds. Perhaps exposing these carbon compounds to the environment in space is what triggers the transition from prebiotic soup into life. Many far smarter folks than me have already speculated on the possibility of comet's seeding life anywhere that they happen to crash into.

This is not to say that sentient life is ubiquitous, but it does greatly increase the chances of its occurrence immensely.


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