Votes For Sale!

...This brought to you by the people screaming "every vote should count" the loudest. What they mean is that every vote, including those they paid for, should count.

This stuff is only going to get worse folks. The democrats are a dying breed. Their desperation fuels new lows day by day. The Democratic party is run by a hodge-podge of malcontents and fringe groups. Their constituency is slowly dwindling away as people realize that they have been lied to. The Democrats like to portray themselves as the party of "the little guy", but in fact, they are the controlled by the fringes of society that hope to push their radical agendas on and at the expense of, the majority. As their power has dwindled, they've resorted to one illegal activity after another to attempt to subvert the will of the majority and place themselves in positions that they do not deserve. You see, the Republicans have their radical elements too, but in the Democratic party... The radicals are at the helm! Doubt that? Look who is heading the DNC right now! That's right, ol' screamin' Dean!


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