Hanoi Jane Bitching Again

I think it interesting that ol' Hanoi Jane is running around making carefully worded apologies for her traitorous activities during the Vietnam War. Listen to what the bitch is saying. She's not saying, "I was wrong. I screwed up." What she's saying is, "I'm sorry I suffered negative consequences from my activities". Of course, her only reason for making this feint of an apology is that she wants us to buy her new book.

Proof of what I say lies in her words on the David Letterman show where she not only repeated her carefully worded "apology", but then turned right around and lambasted the efforts of our troops in Iraq.

Admit it Jane, you are nothing more than a died in the wool pacifist-communist, who'd like nothing more than to see our great nation fall flat on its face. You hate our country and everything it stands for... With one exception, you certainly love living in the lap of luxury and enjoying the benefits of personal wealth.

In your communist utopia, your wealth would be stripped from you and redistributed to everyone. You're not looking for a communist utopia though are you? You are looking for a communist dictatorship much like they had in the former Soviet Union where the political bosses get to live in the lap of luxury while the workers toil on in poverty and deprivation. You see yourself as one of those political bosses.

Your pacifist bent however is your down-fall as no one with any willpower at all would submit themselves to your dictatorship. So what are you going to do Jane but sit around and bitch and piss and moan while quaffing Dom Perignon and wolfing down caviar? My words for you are short and simple "Fuck off!!!"

And you know what? Those same words apply to all of your liberal, pacifist, pansy followers as well.

When I first started commenting on politics, I thought that liberals were simply misinformed. I thought that they had simply not considered the ramifications of their stance. I thought the liberal stance was the enemy. As I've now become jaded, I find more and more that the liberals themselves are the problem.

Personally, I'd rather skinny-dip in a cesspool than listen to their self-aggrandizing, entitlement-issue ridden, whining demands for the surrender of those things which they simply do not deserve nor own.

So let me repeat it again just in case you missed it the first time. "Hey liberal Pustules! FUCK OFF!"


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