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Events in Iraq have reached a point where not even the Sunnis can tolerate the actions of the terrorists. The Association of Muslim Scholars, a highly influential Sunni religious organization has issued a fatwa calling on all Sunnis to join the ranks of Iraq's security forces and to join the fight against the terrorists wreaking havoc in the country. The Association of Muslim Scholars has largely resisted every effort to pacify the nation after Sadaam's fall from power. They've largely been seen as being in collusion with the insurgents. They issued edicts demanding that the faithful not take part in the recent elections and condemning the Falluja offensive for example.

I wonder what has happened to make them change their minds so rapidly. Perhaps they've realized that the ship is leaving without them. If they do not act soon, they will be left out of the new government forming in Iraq. Perhaps, as terrorist attacks have grown more indiscriminate, they've finally realized the true demeanor of the insurgents. Perhaps the insurgents have placed demands upon them that was more than they wanted to give. Or maybe, they've determined that they will be on the loosing side in the end if they continue to support the terrorists. Recent successes against the insurgents have been numerous of late.

It does not matter why they've changed their minds, just that they have. Still if I were the Iraqis, I'd use care while embracing a viper.

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