The Ultimate Solution for the Ultimate Crime

The linked article refers to Florida's new "tough" sexual offenders law. Under this new law sexual predators would either be sentenced to life in prison or 24 hour electronic monitoring.

Honestly though, I don't think this law goes far enough.

First, not all "sexual predators" are created equally. There are those whose inclusion in this group can be attributed to the rather wide dragnet that is used to ensure that the really bad ones are caught. They pose no further risk to society and have a low chance of recidivism.

Then there are those who are pathological sexual predators who, if given an opportunity, will attack again.

We need an effective means of categorizing the two. Once that has been done, why do we need to expose our children to the risk that even one pathological sexual predator will slip through the cracks? Frankly if a person is a pathological sexual predator they should be permanently removed from society. To put it bluntly, they need to be killed.

Perhaps what is needed is something tougher than a three-strikes law. If you are convicted of sexual predation you receive an extremely long jail sentence and mandatory psychological evaluation during your incarceration. If you do not cooperate with the evaluation, you receive a mandatory death sentence. If the evaluation yields a determination that you fall into the pathological group... Mandatory death sentence. If not, you may serve out your prison term and be released back into society with mandatory lifetime monitoring. Any person adjudicated as a marginal risk should be forced to undergo surgical gender nullification (removal of all gender related equipment). If you are convicted on a second offense, there are no evaluations. You simply receive a mandatory death sentence.

I don't understand why some people wish to keep these creatures in our midst. It has been proven time and time again that pathological sexual predators can not be rehabilitated. They are a blight on society and an ever-present risk.

Why should we invest huge sums of money into attempting to rehabilitate that which cannot be fixed? Why should we subject our innocent children to the potential for harm that they present? We as a society need to eliminate these defective individuals from our midst.


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