Excuse me, you got your ass kicked!

Ok if you check out the above linked article it revolves around a reenactment to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the English victory at the battle of Trafalgar. The organizers of the reenactment in all of their politically-correct grandeur, seemed to think that reenacting the fact that the French and Spanish got their collective asses spanked was a bad idea. This does a disservice to the brave men who lost their lives in that battle! I'm sick of it. It wasn't a case of the red team versus the blue team... It was a case of the British sailing forth and in a moment of military genius and martial prowess, handing the French and Spanish the asses in a basket. If the fucking French are so sensitive about being reminded that they were beaten then perhaps they ought to try the alternative for a change. History is history. Changing it so that you do not offend some overly sensitive putz only dooms you to repeat it!

Grow up people! You seriously are sounding like a bunch of spoiled little brats, who when bested demand "do overs".

It is this same mentality that steals the joy of achievement from our young by creating farces of competitions "where there are no losers". Perhaps these lunatics live on a different planet, but where I live it's kill or be killed, eat or be eaten. Raising our children to believe otherwise is a disservice and only stands to cause them disillusionment when they are faced by the grim reality of life.

These are the same idiots that are insisting that the 9-11 memorial should memorialize American self-hatred rather than standing as mute testiment to the thousands of lives lost on that terrible day.

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