2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Click the post title to take the quiz. Here are my results (as if it's any surprise):

79% Tom Tancredo
76% Fred Thompson
73% Mitt Romney
70% John McCain
66% Mike Huckabee
60% Ron Paul
53% Rudy Giuliani
34% Bill Richardson
34% Hillary Clinton
32% John Edwards
31% Chris Dodd
28% Barack Obama
27% Joe Biden
24% Mike Gravel
17% Dennis Kucinich

The only question I have is how the hell did Ron Paul land so high up in my list? Frankly, I'd rather vote for Jar Jar Binks than Ron Paul. Perhaps that's because I'm not a white supremacist and I don't believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Lastly, I doubt the concept of abdicating our role of global leadership to retreat and cower behind our borders is in any way enshrined in the constitution and I also happen believe it is simply foolish rubbish! I'm tired of hearing about "blow-back"; Blow-back is nothing more than method of powering a semiautomatic rifle and unintended consequences are simply a fact of life. If we retreat behind our borders guess what, that too will have blow-back and unintended consequences. Have you included that fact in your Zionist conspiracy theories?


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