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... The Omaha mall gunman was mentally ill. Click the post title for the article that I'm referring to.

Robert Hawkins was in and out of state custody since he was 14 years old. He'd told counselors that he was satanic and that he acted impulsively.

This child was a product of the system.

Our system of crime and punishment is another area where the infusion of liberal "logic" (if you can call it that) has been harmful. They've sold us a bill of goods telling us that not only do they know how to raise our children, but that they know how to treat the criminal and the insane.

It used to be in the old days, when a criminal was incarcerated, he worked on a chain gang doing menial but necessary tasks such as collecting the liter along side the roads. These tasks benefited the society that the offender wronged and by virtue of their menial and demeaning nature actually punished the offender for their wrong doing. There were other things that were done to prisoners other than chain-ganging but it is the one thing that comes immediately to mind.

Well In swooped the "refined" liberals telling us that punishing people for doing wrong was in and of itself wrong. They said that garnering labor from them that benefited the common good was exploitation and that forcing one to do menial tasks was tantamount to cruel and unusual. Somehow their point of view prevailed. Now criminals are given cable TV and instead working for the good of society, they form criminal enterprises and gangs with all of the free time they have on their hands. Recidivism rates have skyrocketed. Today two out of every three criminals will wind up back in jail within 3 years of release. Only 25 years ago that rate was 43% and fifty years ago the rate was only one in three. Clearly we are trending in the wrong direction... But as liberals are wont to do, they claim that we've simply not tried hard enough to implement their policies. The fact that we have tried harder and harder by implementing more and more of their programs as time has passed and the recidivism rate still increased ought to tell them that they are wrong. The fact that Sheriff Joe Arpaio's reimplementation of some of these arcane harsher tactics has indeed born fruit in a reduced recidivism rate ought to scream the truth from the hill tops; "If bad things happen to people who do bad things, they'll choose not to do bad things in the future".

It used to be that the insane were committed to mental institutions in far greater numbers than they are today. In there they received 24 hour supervision, medication and if required, a few good shock treatments.

Again, the libs knew better. Now the criminally insane are instead told to meditate, get some acupuncture or some other trendy quackery and sent back out onto the streets. We've seen the results of that recently in Cho Seung Hui, Robert Hawkings and Matthew Murray.

Clearly anyone who is insane and poses a threat to themselves or others needs to be committed, monitored and medicated for the good of society as well as themselves.

It used to be that when children misbehaved at school, they were spanked in the classroom by their teachers. I can remember the wooden paddle hanging next to the chalkboard when I was a child. The mere presence of it, inspired many of us to rethink our ill-advised pranks and when it did find use, the spectacle of it served as a reminder not only to its target, but everyone that witnessed the event that pain will follow if you step off the path of good.

Prior to Charles Whittman's rampage at the Austin campus of the University of Texas in 1966, how many mass shooting sprees can you name? Our society has been plagued by one shooting spree after another in recent times largely due to the fact that there is nothing to dissuade them from happening.

You see the liberal idea for everything is to catch it at the last moment. Modern liberalism is indeed just a re-branding of ordinary procrastination, laziness if you will, into a political philosophy... If you doubt that statement look at some of their proposals:

Terrorism - retreat inside our borders and deal with terrorism as a legal matter... convict terrorists after they've struck. We know that we need to attack them where they hide and disrupt their ability to plan attacks on us.

Criminally Insane - allow human time bombs to walk freely about in society and simply prevent their murderous tirades by banning them from gaining access to one type of weapon by banning it for everyone. We know the place for the criminally insane is in the loony bin not out walking around.

Poverty - hand outs once the person has landed in poverty. We know that people should take responsibility for their own well-being and put money away for a rainy day and that teaching a man to fish is far better than giving a man a fish.

Hurricane - hole up and wait until after it hits to get the hell out of Dodge. We know it is stupid to rely on the federal government to rescue us after the fact... we quite simply get the hell out of Dodge!

Pregnancy - go to a doctor and have the baby killed. Of course we know that the easiest way to avoid unwanted pregnancies is to avoid sex. We also know that if we devalue human life at its earliest stage that it is only a short step to devalue it in all of its stages.

I'm sure you can add more to this list (Heck I'm sure I can and I might even do so later when I'm less tired). Feel free to do so in the comments.

Liberals have no forethought. They shun proactive measures and far be it from them to plan for contingencies. Instead they prefer to live in "My Little Pony™" land were last moment futile gestures will be enough to stave off disaster if only there's enough rainbows, butterflies and love to go around.

I'm sick and tired of it. Someone has to stand up and say it... We are headed the wrong direction people. We have Tom Brokaw out lauding 1968 with nostalgia on the History channel and liberals of every persuasion fondly remembering "the summer of love". Look people we should be mourning those days. In the 1960's the communists realized that they would not be able to compete with capitalism in the long run militarily and that their only hope was in subversion and subterfuge. We pursued the commies in the 1950's but in the 1960's we accepted them and they became a cancer on our culture. I'm not convinced that it was not some nefarious and ingenious plot hacked out in KGB headquarters over a bottle of vodka and a bowl of borscht!

"Yes Sascha, we will send their children LSD!"

"Good idea Dimitri and let's send them comrade Leary as well!"

Let's face it, Senator McCarthy had it 100% right. There were in fact communist operatives hiding in America , especially in the entertainment industry. They're still here only more open and emboldened than back then.

Very little good came of the 1960's and what precious little of it that there was, was outweighed by the immeasurable harm that was being done to the fabric of our society. That awakening of American communism is what we have to thank for the lack of good common sense that sets an obviously criminally insane individual like Robert Hawkins free so that he can murder disarmed civilians trying only to shop for Christmas presents.

It is that insanity that divests a parent of his parental authority to such an extent that he is left saying:
"He will have to stand or fall on his own to learn these lessons about life. It is beyond my ability and I have to release him to God, praying that He will make sure that nothing happens to him that can not be undone."
Some will say that this is a statement of abdication, I say it is a statement of resignation, resignation to the fact that his parenting toolbox has been so emasculated that he has no tools other than a hope and a prayer to guide his son away from danger. I have seen far too many parents left powerless to help the ones they love because some liberal decided what tools they should have. Trust me, when your kid is contemplating a mass murder/suicide... a time out just does not fill the bill.

That is where modern American communism... also known as liberalism has brought us. To a land where the "My Little Pony™" mentality reigns supreme and common sense is relegated to the bust bin.

Sorry for the rambling diatribe... I might redact it later.

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