Romney Surges to the Fore!

Mitt Romney surged to his first primary win yesterday... not that anyone would know. Mitt won the Republican caucus in the sparsely populated state of Wyoming, securing 8 delegates for himself. Fred Thompson came in second grabbing up 3 delegates and Duncan Hunter grabbed the last one. That shut out a lot of other candidates, most notably McCain, Giuliani and yes even the perennial favorite of conspiracy nuts everywhere, Ron Paul. Having lived in Wyoming once I can tell you that a large percentage of the population there belongs to the Church of Latter Day Saints and that this may have made the battle far easier for Governor Romney.

I wonder why the Caucus in Wyoming hasn't been mentioned on you MSM outlets. I've been listening to them all day and haven't heard a single word. Not one of the candidates, even Romney himself mentioned the win on tonight's Republican debate on Fox.

The Democrat Caucus in Wyoming Isn't held until March, but only about 4% of the minuscule population of Wyoming registers with the Dimwitocrap party.

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