Hey, did you notice something?

Reichsführer Ron Paul did not win the Iowa caucuses as had been widely predicted by his neo-Nazi followers. I guess things in the real world are a little different from hacking online polls. Oh well, perhaps they'll throw another "Tea party 07" where the anarchist, disaffected Hitler-youth can forego getting another swastika tattoo and give the money they saved up for it to the Paul campaign! Oh wait, they've already given that money so perhaps they'll have to steal the smaller children's lunch money for their next donations.

Of course we all know that the Zionist controlled puppet poll workers really stole the election from the most honorable, venerated Reichsführer Dr. Paul. All of those millions of votes for him were secreted in ET's colon and sent aboard a top-secret black helicopter to Dick Cheney's secret underground lair (the one where he plotted the 9/11 attack). There they will be folded by Halliburton slaves into party hats that will be worn to celebrate the day when the Jews secure their final domination of the world.

Of course the Ronpaulians™ can revel in the consolation that their candidate actually pulled in more votes than the widely known RINO, Rudy Giuliani...

When asked for comment, Dr. Paul said: "Der siegen fliegen fahrvergnügen pööpen glööpen! Sieg hiel!"

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