Brain Fart

The Republican party of the United States has suffered the greatest collective brain fart ever experienced. We've been bamboozled folks... Observe if you will the following image:

Can you point out the conservative candidate? Of course you can't because it was a trick question. There are no conservative candidates in the picture. The only true conservatives in this race are/were Tancredo and Thompson. We must spring into action, all of us together. We must prevent the unraveling of the Republican party. We have until "Super Tuesday" to make enough noise to ensure that this man does not emerge as the Republican nominee.

For decades now the liberals have been pulling this nation further and further to the left. Inching us ever further toward socialism & communism. Being peace seekers at heart, us conservatives have made one concession after another, believing that the liberals would in titt-for-tatt fashion concede on some of our issues. Of course they haven't because honesty is not a liberal virtue and as a result the "center" has migrated further and further to the left.

This man however...
(What you don't see in this photo is that Kennedy's hand is up McCain's ass and every time McCain utters a word, Kennedy's mouth moves)

Is no Republican. If he were to ascend to become the Republican Presidential candidate, he would be the first openly Democrat, Republican candidate in the history of the party. Time after time this man has sided with Democrats against reasonable conservative stances. He's opposed tax relief, true immigration reform, freedom of speech and placing conservative judges on the bench. It is time to start wondering if his time in that North Vietnamese POW camp has not set him up to be the perfect Manchurian candidate. Do not get me wrong, I have the greatest respect for the things that John McCain endured in the service of his nation. It is the things he's done since then that's given me cause to pause.

As Republicans it is time now for us to close ranks and refuse the liberals an assured victory in this coming presidential election. We need to speak now with one loud, resolved voice and say "No!" to a presidential race with two Democrat candidates. Our field of choices has narrowed significantly! None of those who remain are our best choice. Some time ago I made a post where I asked you, my readers to convince me which candidate to support. None of you could muster enough enthusiasm to come here and make an argument for any of the other candidates. I didn't even have a single one of the Ronpaulian horde drop by to tell me that their "candidate" is the best.

Therefore, I am resolved to support anyone but this farce of a candidate! I am not alone in that sentiment... Even Ann Coulter (not that you'd know she's a conservative) has come out and said if John McCain gets the nomination, she will campaign for Clinton!

Blogger after blogger has emerged to speak out against John McCain's candidacy... Here are just a few:
These are just a few that I've found. I'm sure if you look, you'll find many more! Other Republican notables including Mark Levin, Pat Toomey and Rush Limbaugh have spoken out against McCain.

As my friend over at the Defiant Infidel blog has pointed out, we, the conservative bloggers have risen up to great effect in the past. We stymied CBS' use of forged documents to fix the elections in 2004. We shot John McCain's "comprehensive immigration reform" (bullshit) out of the water. We can and do have a voice loud enough to ensure that this does not happen, if we all rise up as one and speak the heart of the Republican party. We must be loud enough to be heard over the incessant din of the mainstream media campaign fixers. He is their darling, not ours! We allowed them to shoot down the candidacy of Fred Thompson. We stood idly by and got ourselves into this predicament so now the time has come to cut bait or fish. What are you going to do? Are you going to speak or not?

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