All Things Being Equal

Normally and by all counts, the 85 year old Leda Smith should be dead. When a 17 year old burglar broke into her house however, Leda would not be just another statistic. She pulled her .22 caliber revolver and trained it on the intruder. She did not shoot him, instead she forced him to call 911 himself and request the police come to pick him up. Her act broke up a burglary ring that had been victimizing the neighborhood.

This moment of uncommon justice would never have occured were it for the democrats. Instead Leda Smith would not be a fiesty elderly lady any more... She'd likely have just been dead. This moment of unfortunately uncommon justice was brought to you by the wisdom of the founding fathers and a few ounces of steel. It proves once again that armed citizens are a detterent to crime and that they by and large can be trusted to act in defense of themselves and the law when confronted with lawlessness and criminality.

I'll bet that 17 year old will vote democrat once he turns 18.

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