Been a while...

Sorry for the slow posting lately. I have truly been busier than a one-legged man in an ass kicking contest and suffering from chronic fatigue lately. Beyond that I have been battling blogging malaise. There just hasn't been anything that has really fired up my urge to write...

There have lately been a few things that I thought that I might mention...
First off... The U.S. Army chief of staff is now fielding copious complaints about the anemic performance of the the much touted 5.56mm bullet used as the standard battle round by all of our military forces. Many of us old-salt veterans have long complained about the lunacy of hunting big game (humans) with a varmint round. The M16 and it's variants are a piss poor design that was inflicted on the military... a gift from the military-loathing liberals in power at the time... "here, let me give you this ineffective pea-shooter to face your enemies before I throw you into a war against a fanatical foe in southeast Asia!" It is time for our troops to stop being outgunned. Our folks shouldn't have to pop a half-dozen rounds into a jihadi to stop him from attacking, one round should do.
Next... Gas prices. What the hell? Prices jumped 20 cents in one week where I live. Congress is ruled by the supposed party of the poor and yet they refuse to do a damned thing about these gas prices. I realize that liberals haven't a clue about economics. They don't understand that increases in fuel prices directly impact the people they want to vote for them. High fuel prices mean that 18 wheelers hauling food to our local groceries incur greater expenses... These expenses are passed on to the grocer who passes it on to the poor person trying to feed their kids. Heed my warning, people are in a downright surly mood over this... If ever there was an issue that would push the complacent American public to revolt, this would be it. The democrat led congress is clearly in big-oil's pocket. They even refuse to revoke the gas tax. Far be it for a lib to swear off any taxes even if it benefits the poor... I mean we all know that the standard class warfare mantra they hoist up the flagpole all the time is only so much hot air. Pelosi promised that would enact "common sense legislation to combat high gas prices" when she took office as the speaker of the house... Gas was about two bucks a gallon when she made that promise. What the hell Nancy? Maybe if you spent less time withholding funds from the troops in the field and instigating witch hunts you might have time to keep your promises to your electorate...

Now, don't let me just rail against the libs... I'll be fair, the conservatives in congress and the executive branch are every bit as lethargic and silent on the issue as their pinko DC compatriots.

In short, Washington does not care about us at all. All they care about is preserving their stranglehold on the political power.

There are so many things that could be done to help... there are even some things that could be tried to help.

We could:
  • drill in more places
  • use oil shale from Colorado, Wyoming and Utah
  • build more refineries
  • build more nuclear plants
  • reduce gas taxes
  • release oil from the strategic oil reserves
  • stop filling the strategic oil reserve
  • pressure the Saudis to pump more oil
  • give tax breaks for buying more fuel efficient vehicles
  • nuke Mecca
  • assassinate Hugo Chavez
  • extort oil from Iraq
Have they tried any of those or anything else for that matter? What has Washington done? SQUAT! that's what! Sure, I know that some of those suggestions wouldn't work... Heck some of them aren't even serious suggestions. But they've done diddly god damned squat, nothing what-so-ever! ...and that in spite of Pelosi's pledges to act.

I know I'm not the only one getting seriously pissed off about this... What do you all think?
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