Geekdom Mourns Today

Gary Gygax, creator the game Dungeons and Dragons died today at his home in Lake Geneva at the age of 69. His wife reports his health had been poor for some time.

I for one am not too proud to admit that I have spent many hours and derived much enjoyment from playing Gary's game. I actually met Gary once in 1986. My impression was that he was a very nice man. He listened intently to the fans of his game and if you look at it the progression of the game, you'll find that he actually took his fans' suggestions to heart and incorporated them into the newer versions of his game.

His wife reports that he hosted his last game at his home sometime in January.

Gary's new game started the craze of role playing games that still sweeps the world to this day.

Unfortunately Gary has expended his hit points and there are no potions of resurrection to be found. Rest well Gary!


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