Wrapping up a few loose ends

There have been a number of articles that have caught my attention of the past several days that I've been intending to blog about. Well you know how life ends up keeping you from doing everything you intend... So I've resolved to deal with all of them here and clear them from my plate.

First there's this article. German scientists employing a sophisticated computer model have shown that the temperature at the bottom of cracks in the ice on the surface of Saturn's moon Enceladus would be at a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit. This explains the image above where plumes of liquid water are seen sublimating into space in the back-lit image of Enceladus. It also goes a long way to proving that liquid water does indeed exist on the tiny world's surface. Scientists believe that the existence of liquid water is a necessary precursor for the development of life. At any rate, the article was pretty interesting....

Second there's this article. On January 14th NASA's MESSENGER probe shot past Mercury, collecting data as it flew by. It imaged a previously spotted surface feature, "The Spider" in greater detail than it's ever been seen, raising some new questions about the feature's formation. Mercury is one of the least known planets of our solar system. the MESSENGER space craft will make the next of several scheduled visits the relatively unknown planet next in October.

Finally, there's this article. The image above is a newly discovered, never before published image of Ernie Pyle's body. Ernie Pyle was the most celebrated war correspondent of the second world war. This man placed his life on the line in order to create news stories that did justice to the life and death struggles of the rank and file grunt. Ernie Pyle died in that pursuit on the morning of April 18th 1945 when a round from a Japanese machinegun pierced his right temple killing him instantly.

Compare the gallant actions of this man, a noble reporter that valued telling the story more than his own personal safety with the "correspondents" cowering in Green Zone hotels in Baghdad pumping out nothing but doom and gloom, if it bleeds it leads enemy propaganda.

Ernie Pyle was a man whose noble pursuit of his ideals superseded his own personal safety. I can assure you that this man did not have a death wish, but he did value the integrity of pure journalism. Our news persons today could learn a few things from this man's life and death.

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