The muslims aren't out to get us!

Click the title to see the article that makes this claim.

This is pretty standard liberal tactics. Let me point the problem area out for you:
The survey, conducted by the Gallup polling agency over six years and
three continents, seeks to dispel the belief held by some in the West that Islam
itself is the driving force of radicalism.

Do you see it? A true poll does not seek to dispel anything. A poll's only purpose should be to establish the sentiments of those polled. If one engineers a poll with a mind to "dispel" something then you should not be surprised that they succeed.

Allow me to say that it does not surprise me that the vast majority of muslims are not radicals. What does surprise me is that they are not more vocal and active against those who are. Where are their voices raised in opposition to their religions leaders' calls in Mecca for death to the USA? I couldn't give a rat's ass what these people say on an anonymous poll. That doesn't count for a hill of beans. What counts, is the way these people guide their religion and religious leaders by consensus to moderation. So far, they have failed and are therefore irrelevant. What counts is how they guide their children to become contributing members of global society. On both of these counts the moderate muslims fail.

I am not saying that the majority of muslims are terrorists. What I am saying is that the majority of muslims are too cowardly to speak out and retake their religion. So the terrorists may not be the majority, but they hold the reins and the rest allow that to occur and that makes this stupid poll absolutely meaningless.

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