Liberal Tactics

Some cowardly liberal tried their hand at frightening the U.S. Army today. At 3:45AM they detonated an under powered explosive device in front of the Army recruiting station In Times Square in New York City, injuring no one. The explosion damaged a window and door.
Later it was discovered that they informed several democrat congress members by mail. Sending them a post card stating "We did it!" and some loony agitprop.
So let me get this straight, to protest the US involvement in the Iraq war, some pacifist moonbat summoned up enough balls to construct an anemic IED and then used it to attack an unoccupied US Army installation in the dark of night. That's an awful lot of courage for a liberal, but you better return Hillary's balls, "she's" liable to want them back.
Some people's kids... I can only shake my head.
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