Anachronism - Noun: Someone or something which is out of its proper chronological order, especially a person or practice that belongs to an earlier time.


I am coming increasingly to the realization that I am indeed an anachronism. It is I suppose, a good exercise to realize and embrace one's true demeanor, your place in the world and scheme of things so to speak. I am sure that some of my "progressive" readers will take this admission as being tantamount to me admitting that I am in some way backwards, awkward or archaic... in other words undesirable, but you see that is exactly the point I am trying to make.

Our nation is degenerating to the place where we are expected to not only accept, but celebrate perversity. Qualities once revered are now reviled. No one has come to realize the obvious; that when we discard the things that are reviled by our "progressive" brethren that all too often those things considered blessings by everyone are also discarded. I mean for example, no one wants violent crime and yet violent crime stalks the halls of the most "progressive" strongholds like a pack of ravenous hyenas hounding a wounded gazelle.

This realization that I am indeed an anachronism is not some recent revelation. I was simply reminded of it again tonight. You see I was watching a program on PBS that dealt with the history of the American flag.

I found myself moved and moist eyed on more than one occasion during that program. At one point they addressed the fact that over half of the Congressional Medals of Honor awarded during the Civil War were awarded for the act of defending a flag. They specifically spoke about Sergeant William H. Carney, the first black man ever awarded the CMH. This man served with the 54th Massachusetts (the unit featured in the 1989 film, "Glory") at the battle of Fort Wagner. As they addressed the man's final words claiming, "Boys, I only did my duty. The flag never touched the ground." I felt the tears welling up in my eyes and my heart welling up in my throat.

Then inevitably, since the program was hosted on PBS (aka the Politburo Brainwashing System) the discussion came around to the liberal contention that it would be somehow un-American to ban flag burning.

Sure, it probably would be un-American to ban flag burning as any true American would realize that burning the flag is akin to spitting on the freedom of speech that you are attempting to exercise. The flag is not just a simple piece of fabric, it is the very symbol of the freedom that you are taking for granted, the fabric that weaves together the founding ideals of this, our homeland.

You see this is why I prefer to live out in the rural eddies that are caught circling in an earlier era, protected from the ravages of time... Places where doors can be left unlocked and people aren't rushing headlong after the latest fad that discards another thread from the weft of civil humanity... places as far as possible from festering liberal ridden, urban cesspools.

Some time ago, I wrote β€œLet's make this absolutely clear. Guns do not cause crime... liberalism does.” That particular quote garnered a good bit of displeasure and ire and yet the truth of it can not be denied. All of the places that have the highest concentrations of liberals also have the highest crime rates. I've also proven in a previous post that all of the cities with the highest crime rates are governed by liberals. Therefore I contend that liberalism isn't caused by crime... crime is caused by the disease of liberalism.

It is for that reason that I am always astounded when liberals claim to be "progressive" as if abandoning the vestiges of morals and civility is progress and not folly.

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