Al Sadr's had Enough

...or has he. We can only hope that this latest agreement does in fact portend an end to al-Sadr's insurrection. Unfortunately honesty does not seem to be one of his values. He seems to like to make promises and only keep them when it becomes blatantly self-evident that he's going to be handed his ass in basket. Look at all the on again-off again deals that were brokered in Najaf! The only thing that finally worked was when our boys took the fight to him and started killing off more of his nut job, followers than he could replace! Perhaps our insistent attacks into Sadr City have brought him once again to the realization that his ass will indeed be handed to him in a basket! If so, "Huhah!" and well done 1st Cav!
Blogger gecko said...

Check. I won't be asured until he's in jail or in a pine box! There is a possibility that he might end up in a suit, but I hope not. He needs to face justice for his crimes to his people.

I enjoy this blog and will definately add you to the list of blogs I frequent.

Keep blogging!

5:32 PM  
Blogger Ozzy said...

Al Sadr is immensely popular in his country. Everyone poor Iraqi looks up to him. Any deal that keeps him off the streets is an advantage to Bush, not Sadr.

1:00 PM  
Blogger The G-man said...

Al-Sadr is mainly supported by the very poor Shi'a. I read a poll recently (but for the life of me can't find) that if al-Sadr ran for Allawi's position that he would garner something like 6% of the vote.

Al-Sadr's popularity is something like Jesse James' popularity in the old west. Kind of a beloved scoundrel.

The Iraqi masses however, are rather sensible and and understand that his beliefs are far too radical to be in control of all of Iraq.

Another thing that is influencing this is the sound pummelling he received in Najaf. His militia was ready to fold when Sistani intervened to stop the slaughter. Estimates I've read placed his losses at around 1,500-2,000 men during the entire occupation of Najaf.

Lastly, al-Sadr's popularity took a good denting not only because people disapproved of his activities while occupying Najaf, but also because of the continued violence in Sadr City. I mean how happy would you be with a guy whose militia kept provoking armed confrontations on the street in front of your house?

The arrangement with al-Sadr is in the interest not only of the United States, but also the Iraqi interim government, the Iraqi people and al-Sadr himself.

4:03 PM  
Blogger Ozzy said...

This is gonna be completely off the subject of Sadr and Iraq...how did you place that site meter in your blog?

8:06 PM  
Blogger The G-man said...

Just go to www.sitemeter.com and sign up for an account. They'll give you the code you need to post in the footer section of the blog template.

9:46 PM  


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