Iraqi State Insurance Company Resumes Services

According to the blog, "Iraq the Model" the Iraqi State Insurance Company has resumed it's services, issuing various types of insurance. A telling quote from Omar's quote reads:

"...as the insurance for life has stopped to work for more than 10 years and so was insurance for robbery and this may give an idea about how secure and stable Iraq was before the war."
"The fact that despite all the violence that Iraq is witnessing the government is now willing to make such a risky commitment tells a lot."
The fact that the Iraqi government would not accept payment to issue an insurance policy against death or robbery is indeed telling of the state of affairs inside of Iraq prior to the invasion. It would appear that in spite of terrorist activities, the interim government feels confident enough in the success of this venture to again begin issuing insurance policies. This is indeed reassuring news. Other Iraqi bloggers are making statements that there is a palpable shift of public sentiment toward free elections and away from supporting the terrorists that have wrecked the peace and stability of the nation. It will be an excellent step to see free and peaceful elections held in Iraq.

The terrorists in Iraq seem to be better armed, funded and organized than those in Afghanistan, but we can only hope that the overwhelming will of the Iraqi people prevails.
Blogger gecko said...

That's good news. I think that the "insurgents" in Iraq are more better equiped due to the massive amount of weapons caches spread throughout the country. They even hid weapons in school houses.

2:10 AM  
Blogger The G-man said...

Well not only that, but the militants are being supplied from the west by Syria, whose Ba'th party has no interest in seeing a free democracy as their neighbor. Further the Iranians have been feeding weapons, amunition, money and fightes to al-Sadr's group and others in the hopes of duplicating an Iranian style theocracy. Then from the south, there are the Wahhabi's who've covertly manipulated things inside of Iraq for a vey long time. Plus there's the over all ubiquitouness of weapons and ammunition in the country in general. It's no wonder that we've seen the amount of violence that we have, with so many parties manipulting things and so many weapons in the hands of competing interests.

1:41 PM  


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