Stolen Honor

Here is the web site for the Stolen Honor documentary. Give it a look. The men represented on this film are American heroes; POW's in the Vietnam war.

The Democrats like to pass off John Kerry's 1971 testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as some sort of noble deed. But any veteran worth his salt knows that what John Kerry was doing there, was selling all of us veterans (not just the Vietnam Vets) down the river. Further, what he was doing was strictly for his personal political gain and was no different than the activities of Hanoi Jane!

The Democrats like to paint him as some noble war hero. Let's face it, John Kerry's military career might not be as pristine as he claims. The majority of men who served with him, denounce him as a charlatan and simple logic should tell you that it only took three scratches to make him abandon his "brothers in arms" in a combat zone. For me, that act alone in unconscionable! I've served my time but I still feel like I'm AWOL because I'm not with our troops in Iraq or Afghanistan right now.

In my rather lengthy post from last night I explained our lofty goals in the Middle East as I understand them. These goals are not to make the Middle East an American colony. The goal is to secure freedom for these people, because only freedom will quiet the violence that has plagued the region for 1,400 years (at the very least).

Does John Kerry have the spine to achieve these lofty goals and secure peace not only for our children, but for the children of the Middle East as well? I doubt it. Just a few small "scratches" will make him run and abandon the investment of blood that our soldiers and allies have placed into this noble endeavor.

In fact John Kerry is still up to the same old tricks. He denigrates the valiant sacrifices of our allies in this struggle by saying that we have no coalition. And his compatriots, the likes of Michael Moore and his pacifist gaggle denigrate our war heroes.
Blogger The Cassandra Page said...

Here is a link to a description of Kerry's new commercial, where the speaker defends Kerry's 1971 testimony, but only by implication. He leaves himself some wiggle room, as always:


P.S. Good job on your Blog. I have posted a link on my blog. Can you do the same for The Cassandra Page?

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Blogger Paul G. said...

It seems Sincalir is backing down.
Probably a liberal conspiracy.

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