It would appear that al-Sadr is indeed intending to disarm his followers as they've begun handing in weapons. This is truly a great day for the people of Iraq. It is a good day indeed to see these weapons in the hands of the Iraqi government instead of the hands of radicals who wish to destabilize the nation and act as representatives of the nefarious intentions of the mullahs in the nation next door.

There is an interesting perspective on these developments posted over at the "Iraq the Model" blog.

That's why I have links such as these over there in the column on the right. I go to these blogs often to get an undistorted view of what's going on. It is the only way to get the real story... Check with the soldiers on the ground and the Iraqi people themselves.

You see, you have to keep in mind that the news media's bread and butter is chasing ambulances and explosions. A report of "Things were quiet and peaceful today" wouldn't garner very good ratings at all. Listening to your political party of choice certainly won't work as they only spin things to their advantage with no attention to the truth.

So with al-Sadr disarming, that leaves only the sunnis and the foreigners like al-Zarqawi.

Blogger The G-man said...

Can anyone identify the weapon the person in the picture is holding in their left hand?

My guess is it's a Czech UK59 sans bipod.

4:39 PM  


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