Turn About is Fair Play

Well some time ago, I'm sure all of you heard that President Bush's home-town paper, the Lone-Star Iconoclast from Crawford Texas came out in support of John Kerry. Well as the title of this post would suggest, the Boston Herald has indeed announced its endorsement of President Bush.

So now you have the two media giants; the Lone-Star Iconoclast and the Boston Herald, diametrically opposed. (you of course realize that I'm using the words "media giants" ironically considering the comparison right?)
Blogger Angela said...

Right!!! :)

12:34 PM  
Blogger Carter said...

Boston has two daily newspapers, the Globe, which is a respected broadsheet, and the Herald, which is a tabloid that makes Rupert Murdoch's New York Post look like a pinko commie rag. To avoid any confusion, it was the Herald that endorsed Bush. The Globe endorsed Kerry. Crawford, TX, has only one paper and it endorsed Bush in 2000 but Kerry in 2004.

12:49 PM  


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