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Let's face it, I have been critical of John McCain's presidential bid, I've made no secret of that. I do disagree with many of his former signature issues (McCain/Feingold, McCain/Kennedy for example). It is however time that common sense prevails. Clearly, he is far more liberal than I prefer -BUT- he is VASTLY preferable to the alternative.

So, after Obama's pretentious appearance to great fanfare at the Obamarthenon before the throngs of approving Hollywood elites and brain-dead zombies in Denver (I mean Oprah Winfrey cried her false eyelashes off for Christ's sake so you have to vote for this guy right?), John McCain made a decision that I strongly support! This selection displays a political savvy that is quite admirable. I agree with the selection of Sarah Palin and in fact feel more comfortable supporting McCain's bid for the presidency because of it.

The liberals threw absolute frothing fits at her selection however. Within moments of the announcement of her addition to the ticket, Obama spokesman Bill Burton quipped "Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency".

My response to Mr. Burton's comment is this... Last week, the democrats relegated the most experienced man on their ticket to a position estranged by one heartbeat from the presidency and put a far less qualified individual in the driver's seat.

Sarah Palin has executive experience and as Joe Biden himself remarked, the presidency is ill-suited to on the job training.. but the Vice Presidency is precisely the place to train for the presidency. Many of our best presidents initially found their stride in the shadow of the chief executive. Sure, she's only been a governor for two years, but your top man has only three and a half years as a do-little senator and he's spent the vast majority of that term doing nothing for his constituency other than campaigning to abandon the office they elected him to fill.

In one fell swoop, John McCain has effectively stolen the mantra of change from the Obama campaign. Obama can now only impotently attempt to evoke the word "change" as it is now nothing more than an empty campaign slogan falling fallowly from his mouth. Obama's selection of Joe Biden has sealed that deal. Let's face it, Joe Biden was in the Senate when Lincoln made the Gettysburg address. He is a part of the old Washington orthodoxy... the very embodiment of the status quo. Sarah Palin on the other hand, is an utter fresh breeze from a state as far distant from Washington DC as can possibly be.

Sarah Palin has FAR more relevant experience to fill the position for which she's been nominated than Obama does to fill the position to which she aspires not to mention the haughty role he wants to take.

Obama froths wild-eyed and incoherently about bringing unity to Washington DC and yet he's only ever shown unity with domestic terrorists, convicted real estate shysters, racists and marched in locked step with the far left fringes of his own party (i.e. Cindy Sheehan, George Soros, MoveOn.Org, Nancy Pelosi, etc...) The only time he can cite any example of reaching across the aisle is a failed attempt to work together with John McCain himself. Sarah Palin is a fighter and a maverick. She's battled the corrupt establishment in her own party. Beyond which she has a far higher approval rate among her constituency than either Biden or Obama does among theirs.

Barack Obama has cut off the funding to the troops in the midst of battle, leaving them without bullets and bandages with hot lead still slicing through the air and tearing through limbs. He pledged to cut the military in the midst of this global war. The closest Barack Obama has come to the military is to have once made a whirlwind tour that included a stop in Iraq where he ignored the advice of General David Petraeus. Sarah Palin on the other hand has commanded the Alaska National Guard and is a blue star mother. She has a vested interest in providing the very best for our troops and thereby her son.

Barack likes to tell you to fill your tires as an energy plan. He expresses remorse for the rapidity with which gas prices have risen (not that they've risen), but he has no plan what-so-ever to reduce the cost of energy for American households. He makes vague vows to ween us off of foreign oil in a decade ostensibly by allowing demand to diminish by pricing energy out of the reach of the average American family, leaving them to shiver without heat in the cold of winter and walk to walking to work. Sarah Palin on the other hand is the Governor of one of the largest energy producing states in the union and with all of the talk about drilling in ANWR, she's probably one of the few in the debate that have actually been there. They make their familiar claim that because she's a Republican that as such she's in "big oil's pocket" and yet she's made her mark fighting oil industry corruption of Alaska's politics and raised taxes on big oil to the benefit of the people who elected her to office. She certainly is not in big oil's pocket.

Obama likes to pay feeble, hollow lip service at Saddleback about reducing abortion rates and abortion being a bad thing, but he fails to mention his refusal to protect a downs syndrome baby who was born alive after a botched late-term abortion... A baby that was found discarded alive, crying and in pain in a waste closet. To him, it is far more important to protect a woman's ability to selfishly murder their baby at any point in their pregnancy from any possible chance of limitation than it is to provide medical care to helpless living babies. Sarah Palin on the other hand stood by her convictions regarding the sanctity of life and welcomed a downs syndrome child into her own loving family.

Barack revels in his celebrity. He struts about in the adulation of show-biz luminaries. His staged photo-ops remind me of Hitler's rallies at Zepplin Field or a Rolling Stones concert, Sarah Palin on the other hand is far more comfortable in the field hunting caribou, riding a snowmobile or attending an ice hockey game. Obama slurps caviar and Dom Perginon while Palin prefers moose stew. Sarah Palin represents the vast majority of Americans far better than the elitist Barack could ever dream of.

Obama's spouse has no feelings of pride for America until her hubby got promoted to pinko deity status. Sarah Palin's hubby on the other hand lives the hard life of a Alaskan fisherman. He doesn't have time to harbor festering anti-American sentitments, he's too busy working to feed us.

So in short, Sarah Palin is far more qualified to be the Vice President than Barack and he's not aspiring to the Vice Presidency he's chasing Presidency itself! Her selection was a very savvy move by John McCain. With this choice he has assured that regardless who wins the election, a historical precedent will be set. Sarah Palin is a strong conservative voice augmenting McCain's inadequacies.

Let's face it, I'd quite frankly rather vote for Genghis Khan than Barack Osama-bama, but with McCain's selection of Sarah Palin, I am now much more comfortable with casting my vote for John McCain.

So the choice is yours. Where do you want the neophyte? Holding the reigns of power learning by trial and error -or- sitting in the co-pilot seat and learning from a tried hand?

Let's face it. Barack Obama just doesn't understand, maybe that's because he thinks that Sarah Palin is just another of us disillusioned folks clinging to her guns & religion...

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