The Debates Are In The Bag

Well I've just finished watching the last debate.

I think McCain did better. Not as feisty as I'd have liked, but he certainly improved his aggressiveness. I think that he threw a few good blows, but there were a few times where he really could have closed the deal. He really could have driven the stake home in Obama's soul-less heart. Somehow Reverend Wright never made his appearance and never once did McCain ask Obama if the proposals he was making were being made by the gun-loving, god-fearing Obama or the gun owners and religious folks are bitter Obama. Further he never asked if Obama condones the registration of the Dallas Cowboys by Acorn in Las Vegas or any of the other attrocites they've been perpetrating. Why is it that we Republicans think we have to win fair and square but the libs have no problems with attempts to skew the game? Oh well, I guess that's just more of those liberal propensities...

Barrack for his side did well. The expectations for him were hard for him not to meet. I mean all he had to do was not massively swallow his foot. He did at times look a little smug and laugh condescendingly though. McCain on the other hand however made a few odd faces.

I guess we are back to a rather familiar song and dance. The American people are presented with a choice between an unqualified skilled orator and a skilled candidate that presents his oratory less smoothly. The libs have been trying to present a series of orators as candidates lately. No doubt trying to create their own version of a "great communicator". Unfortunately for them, none of the dweebs they've been presenting can hold a candle to Ronnie.

Oh well I do have to admit that I am a bit disgruntled lately. I mean suddenly the government has nationalized banks and is acting like Hugo Chavez and neither candidate seems to think that is a problem. Welcome to the new Socialist States of America!

I guess that means I will have to dutifully go and cast my ballot for John McCain since he's the candidate that presents the least propensity for damage rather than gleefully doing so, but I have to admit that I am growing more uneasy doing that again.

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