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The more I hear, the more I really like the Palins. It is really clear that they are real red meat Americans. They are precisely the kind of people that inhabit most of "fly-over country"... They are not representative of the snooty liberal elites that inhabit their haughty polluted cities on the parenthetical coasts of this nation like parasites feasting on the bounty that their interior inhabiting "inferiors" provide.

I just watched Todd Palin's first national interview with Greta van Sustern. It was interesting that I didn't feel any creepy feeling exuding from him like there is when I see the Ms. Obama. There was no slip up revealing a true hatred for America like ol' Michelle's. I also failed to get the idea that this guy harbors any hidden derision for those of us who "cling" to god or guns.

Why does genuineness so irk the left? They are so busy loathing the rich and those who embrace religion (provided that religion is traditional religion and not wicca, islam, scientology or some other tripe), Why do they hate those who are not like them, like those who pursue traditional means to feed and protect their families? They call us "the haters" and yet they are the ones being hateful.

Let me ask you this... Who would you rather be trapped in a survival situation or natural disaster with? You know, a hurricane, plane crash or blizzard. If the world went to hell in a hand basket and all the infrastructure that you have grown so accustomed to should suddenly fall away leaving nothing but bare naked need who would you rather have by your side? The moose huntress and the professional fisherman -or- the community organizer and the ... um what the hell does Michelle do any ways? Why would your choice differ for a survival situation for this entire nation?

Oh well... nuf' said on that... otherwise they'll remember that Barack isn't running against Sarah Palin... He's running against McCain.

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