Utter Panic

Our chums, the libs have their panties in a wad. How dare John McCain select Sarah Palin to run with him as his VP candidate.

Rather than differing with her politics, they're running around yipping about "How can Sarah Palin raise that special needs baby if she's serving as Vice President?"

Let me get this straight... The party that is always positing that women can be professionals and pursue a career and still be moms is asking this question?

Next they turned on her husband. First he was arrested for a DUI 22 years ago. You know back when Barack was a coke whore, Todd Palin had a few too many beers once. (People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones) Then they are throwing hissy fits because Todd registered as a member of the Alaskan Independence Party twice. Let me make this clear... Todd Palin is not the candidate, Sarah is.

Then the lowest of all... It turns out that Sarah Palin's 17 year old daughter is pregnant. The KOS cretins were running around claiming that Sarah's downs syndrome child was actually her daughter's... These are the people who are out handing out condoms to kids in school (since we all know that condoms are 100% effective at preventing pregnancy). These are the people who want kids to be able to go get abortions at any age without their parents being informed. These are the people who are preaching a sermon of free sex without consequences. These are the people that firmly control the schools and are openly using them as indoctrination centers... In this day and age where the power of parents is being steadily eroded by more and more liberal social experiments that they are foisting upon us, they are attempting to indicate that Sarah Palin is in some way less honorable because her 17 year old daughter is pregnant...

Here's the way I see it. Sarah Palin is the mother of a perfectly typical American family that is suffering the same kind of set backs that many other American family's are experiencing these days. She is a strong and caring parent and a strong and caring politician. Attacking her child's youthful mistake is indicative of the pathetic desperation and insipid moral qualities of the people who seek to oppose her.

You people lack any semblance of class.

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