Bailout Shot Down in Flames

The American people spoke loudly and Washington DC actually listened today. Both Obama & McCain are calling this atrocity a "rescue plan"... I call in a gift to Wall Street. I have over the years bought quite a few lottery tickets. I've dropped quite a few bucks in slot machines over the years and during my last trip to Las Vegas lost quite a bit of money gambling. For some reason I doubt that Washington is going to reimburse me for my losses... Why then should they bail out Wall Street speculators.

The democrats are trying to pin this financial flub on the Republicans and yet in instance after instance blame can easily be assigned to them just as readily as their adversaries. No Ms. Pelosi this is not Bush's mess. YOUR party has control of the Congress. If you had sent legislation to Mr. Bush's desk and he had used the veto pen, then you could have perhaps assigned him fault. You instead have sent nothing of value to the president's desk to warn the American people of this "catastrophe". In fact, why is it your party that is so steeped in Fannie & Freddie green? Why is the democratic chairman of the very oversight committee that should have warned us about this catastrophe at the top of their donation list and YOUR party's candidate for president in the second slot?

Then the democrats are trying to say that the failure of the bill's passage is also the Republican's fault... Who is it that has the majority in the House? If that majority had voted for the bill then it would have sailed right through. Pelosi is attempting to pin her inability to rein in her own party on the Republican's lap. Nice try Nan.

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