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Oil has dropped to $92 per barrel. That's a decrease of $55 since the high water mark in July! The first time it's been under $100 since March! How is it that the price of oil has dropped over 35% and the price of gas has only dropped 7%. The last time oil cost $92 per barrel, the national average gas price was $2.69 per gallon. Any politician or oil mogul want to tell me again that there isn't any price manipulation going on?

I am going to mention my contention again that I believe that the abuse of the oil companies has warranted that they be punished with some really nice old school oppressive governmental regulation.

I of course will not hold my breath until that occurs because we all know that the oil companies and lobbyists own Washington. Our elected officials are not there to serve their constituencies... They are there to serve their own personal interests and the interests of their financiers. Their only job in Washington is ensuring their reelection.

70% of us want a "do it all" energy policy but they instead wanted a vacation (nice that they can afford one when so many of us could not). Beyond that, 100% of us are getting gouged at the gas pumps.

I am therefore issuing a proposal. The cost of energy transcends political viewpoints. It is an issue of the fat cats getting richer while old folks freeze in the winter and single mothers have to decide between health care and buying gas so they can get to work.

We bloggers have grown mighty. We are a power to be reckoned with. We've done things like sour public opinion on the war in Iraq, we've ended the career of news commentators that forged documents. We ushered in a change in power in the congress and joined to defeat the last two democrat presidential bids.

Since Washington has abandoned us and as I've already mentioned that this issue transcends political points of view, I propose that we the bloggers unite to bring the oil companies and politicians to task. I am thinking of creating a communal blog with as many contributors as I can find of all political stripes where we can work together to inform the public, educate our elected officials and attempting to end the tyranny over our wallets.

I hope that this will work. If you would be interested in contributing to such a blog leave a message in the comments.

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