Yo, John!

Ok I think I really need to say something here. Maybe I'm the only one thinking this but somehow I doubt it. John McCain is supposedly some rough tough American hero. I thought he was supposed to have an atrocious temper. This is supposed to be the guy that was hard enough to survive a horrible crash and still not want to quit fighting... So where the hell is that much touted spine? I mean Obama has been riding his ass unrelentingly about being a "deregulator" that helped run the economy into the ground. Where's the temper? He's letting Obama bullshit his way into winning the god damned election. He's left the libs neuter him, I mean god forbid that he show a little righteous indignation and actually speak his mind lest we think him some foul temered ogre...

I'm sorry John but you need to get mad. You need to get spitting mad. The next time that you're standing on the debate stage and that smarmy-assed condescending twit is reeling out his very best bullshit line and blaming you for the shitty state of the economy stand up, walk over and tap your finger in the middle his chest and unflinchingly tell him:
"Damn it Barack, I've stood by and listened to you roll out that tired line of bull shit long enough. Here I thought that if I gave you a chance you might find a set of balls and act like a real man. You know, own up to your lies, but it appears that you are without honor. You know damned well that the state of the economy is directly attributable the actions of your buddies ACORN, Dodd, Ried, Frank, Carter and Clinton. You know that when it came to regulating our way out this mess it was you and them that PREVENTED us from protecting the American people against this crash. It is YOUR crash and I'm damned tired of taking the rap for the lot of you bastards!"
Damn it John, get pissed. Stop milk-toasting your way out of a term in the White House. Act like the man we all know that you can be and show the American people your moxie.

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