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Click the title link. Read it and try to keep a dry eye. Fellow blogger and Babylon 5 fan G'Kar was killed in action in Iraq. He left a post to be posted on his behalf in the event of his passing. While I did not know the man well, his words spell out in no uncertain terms the very high human cost of any war. My heart goes out to his wife and family.

All too often us old veterans speak using words like "duty", "honor" and "glory". We use these words because they helped to motivate us to achieve the things which were required of us during our service. They lent an air of nobility to the deprivations and sacrifices that we endured. Then, as we age, these words become ingrained in our psyches and they are held in a very special place for us. We think back to our glory days and wax nostalgic for those words and the settings in which they formed our sole solace. Then we thump our chests and voice our bellicose boasts. Seeing words such as this soldier's last post are good for us old war dogs. They help temper our volatile natures and remind us that those words, "duty", "honor" and "glory" are very little comfort to a young lady who will hug naught but a folded flag to her breast this eve instead of her soul mate.

h.t. MadOgre

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