Long Time No Write

I've been busy of late and kind of have neglected my blog.

There's a lot going on. I'm writing a 3d game program in my spare time (as if there is such a thing). So that has taken up a good bit of my time. If any of you happen to be 3d modellers that want to get in on a game project, drop me a line.

I've been getting ready for the holidays, buying presents and generally being a good little capitalist.

We drove down to my father's for Thanksgiving (a short 120 mile jaunt). It was a nice trip, a good drive and lovely scenery.

The Company Christmas party is coming up this weekend. They're taking us for a weekend at a spa this year. The Mrs. is looking forward to a weekend away from house and kids.

The world at large still seems to be there. Some interesting things I've noticed. Have any of you noticed that the volume of "news" coming out of Iraq on the major news carriers has died down? I don't know if it's because the election is over or if the Falluja offensive has simply reduced the number of attacks. Our military has started turning its attention to the area between Baghdad and Najaf, trying to clear out the "triangle of death". That's been another thorn in the side there in Iraq.

There's some shuffling going on in the President's cabinet, but we all expected that to happen. So far I've no heard anything derrogatory about any of Bush's selections for replacements (other than the left's hatred for Condaleeza Rice).
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