It's About Time!

In recent news, the military is pulling the old M113's that were on mothballs over in Kuwait since the first Gulf War out of mothballs! I wrote several letters to my Congressmen asking why these vehicles were sitting unused while our soldiers were riding around in Hummers and paying the price for the lack of protection.

These vehicles will provide a much higher amount of protection from IED's and RPG's. That has been the main cause of casualties amoung our troops.

For some reason the Army was stuck in Shinseki mode... The old "let's fight light and cheap" pardigm. Unfortunately, the price will be paid somewhere, and that price has been exacted in casualties.

I've already posted before on the benfits that would be had from using these vehicles (in fact, they're superior to the Strykers as well and cost one tenth as much!)

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