How Very Well Said

My buddy Ogre wrote a post that I just loved. He said:
This morning I went shooting with some buddies, customers from The Gun Counter at work... nailed a 1 inch orange sticky dot at 620 yards - Off Hand. Won $40. Then I took my younger kids to a Corn Maze. I ate a Carmel Apple and drank some Watermelon smoothie made by a drastically cute and perky (capital P) girl that looked like the blond from Beverly Hillbillies. Gassed up the car on the way home... Sheriff was there at the time. He gave me a nod of approval about the 1911 on my hip, carried openly. As I pulled through my little town were everyone knows everyone, I got waves and smiles from about a half dozen folk... I returned them... Wife teaches their kids at school. But check this out... This morning there was a message on my Shout Box (comments) on MadOgre.com. It said from "Guest”, "Your a fucking redneck!" I'm thinking... Thank God.
You see, this is something that has been really pissing me off lately. As I daily confront the liberal morons I encounter throughout my day I'm amazed to find that they feel no compunctions about expressing their disapproval of "fucking rednecks" or "stupid hillbillies". It never dawns on them that they are expressing their bigotry for a large segment of the American population.

Like my friend MadOgre, I happily count myself among a number of popularly much maligned demographic groups. You see there was a day when one openly expressed bigotry toward members of racial minorities or those who followed alternative sexual preferences. Then we became "enlightened".

All that enlightenment has purchased us is an alternative set of targets for the bigotry of the closed minded. Now, rather than maligning African-Americans, Hispanic-Americans, gays or lesbians we simply accept the maligning of poor rural residents, nerds, rednecks, hillbillies and white men.

You see this is another example of the fallacious claim that our liberal countrymen are more enlightened than we are. They aren't more enlightened. They are only more driven by guilt to shift the targeting of their hatred. They've not evolved into a more advanced form of human free of hate, they've simply reoriented that same old intolerant hate.

They typically tell us that morals should dictate more generosity toward the "poor". Morals should drive us to accept higher taxes so that they can redistribute our wealth. Most "rednecks" or "hillbillies" are hardly rich, but these aren't the poor they mean. They want to give the money to their poor. You see the rural poor are usually conservative, gun-toting, America-loving, patriotic and self-sufficient. They are misdirecting our generosity; using it as nothing more than a ploy to buy the votes of their indentured urban poor. They don't care about the poor, they are just buying votes... greedy for the reins of power.

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